“Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts has greatly affected many aspects of my life. It has made me more aware of my surroundings. I am more capable of reading body language and assessing situations. These classes help me balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. ” – Christianna Van Dalsen

“The study of Kempo Jujutsu is not about being perfect, rather it is about chasing perfection. Learning to push beyond my limits has enhanced techniques and forms that I have not been able to accomplish previously. This school has taught me about myself, my abilities and discovering my own path. It has taught me to believe in my own abilities and how to reach beyond those for something more.” – Jaime Sealey

“As a life-long athlete and regular gym attendee, I thought I was in shape. Then I started training here. Now, I’m in the best shape of my life. There are also the mental benefits. My confidence has grown tremendously. Each time I execute a technique or complete a form, I am amazed at what my body and mind can do when they are united. As a woman, there are few things more empowering than throwing a man literally twice your size to the ground and knowing that if it really came down to it, you would get out of a physical altercation alive.” – Katie Marshall

“Since I began training at Southern Pine Institute Institute of Martial Arts, I have seen positive changes in my character, fitness and concentration. I started training thinking it would help me to become fit and teach me some fighting moves. It has taught me much more. Martial arts has personally shown me not only self-defense, it has been a vehicle to my path of self-discovery and enlightenment.” – Paul Da Costa