A Message from May Sensei

The knowledge and power surrounding the martial arts has been an intriguing aspect of human culture for thousands of years. In helping to pass on the teachings of Japanese, Indonesian and Filipino martial arts in the modern era, Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts strives forward in offering traditional cultural elements and a foundational knowledge of principle based human mechanics. The martial principles taught at Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts reflect the capabilities possessed by many individuals who hope to discover the joys and inner power held within martial arts.

At Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts, training focuses on physical principles and waza (two person movements) from Nan Sho Kempo Jujutsu, Arnis de Mano, Gow Ren Lu Kempo Gung Fu, Inner Wave Pencak Silat, Morin Kun Tao Silat, Kamishin Aiki-jujitsu and Eishin Ryu Seiho Ha Iaido.  Gakusei (students) are engaged with sensei (teacher) and fellow gakusei in breathing exercises, vision training, ma-ai (space-harmony) drills, knife and stick disarmament, kata (model, pattern), throwing technique, joint manipulations, multiple opponent techniques, and counter attacks using energy circuit points.

Despite popular media’s representations of “martial sports” as martial arts, traditional martial art training offers something for the individual who has a non-violent agenda. The developments of the mental and physical attributes of the gakusei are the primary focus in martial arts training. Many practitioners and non-practitioners alike perceive the tranquil mind set stemming from martial arts training as a mindset of clarity and non attachment. While obtaining a certain degree of mental clarity holds true for many, the understanding of body mechanics and appreciation for one’s own body often comes first. For the novice gakusei and sempai (senior student) alike, seemingly small developments through routine and free flowing movement quickly become transformations into greater awareness of the self and the world in which we live.

The lessons taught at Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts hold importance in the daily lives of our family members who include students, teachers, military personnel, athletes and business professionals. The teaching methods of our instructors are designed to curtail to the learning style of the individual student with self paced progress. As martial arts training is a personal journey, the principles taught are designed to relate to all aspects of life with the gakusei with guidance by a sensei (elder, teacher).

Although the modern era offers no easy answers for our troubles, training in the martial arts has shown strong correlation to reduced stress, personal confidence, enhanced physical capabilities, and patience in problem solving. Besides gaining greater confidence in both mind and body, the gakusei often finds themselves a part of a family that is both international and built upon a lineage hundreds of years old. Through the lessons of the martial arts, it is the intention of Southern Pine Institute of Martial Arts to share the potential each person holds with clarity of mind, body, and energy.