Soke Don Phillip

Soke Don Phillip

Started his training in Kamishin Jiu Jitsu in 1969 under Al Church Jr. On February 1st, 2002 Professor Phillip became the 17th inheritor of the system. Soke Phillip along with his son Soke Dai Scott Phillip continue to teach the art of kamishin throughout the US. including Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Nippon Kobudo Kamishin Ryu Jujitsu (Japanese Ancient Martial Way Devine Heart Style) is considered a non-classical style that is rich in classical Japanese tradition.

Kamishin Ryu Jujitsu is a consolidation of several forms of Japanese Jujitsu including the Shinyo Ryu, Takaguchi Ryu, Daiyoshin Ryu, Enrei Ryu, and Hakko Ryu. It is an Aiki-Jutsu form being performed in a circular application designed to immobilize the attacker by directing him to a face down prone position. Though it is indeed aiki-jutsu, it is not to be confused with the modern Aikido art. Kamishin Ryu does not contain the same concepts of the Japanese work “Ki” as does the Aikido art. In this regard and in other regards as well, Kamishin Ryu is different and apart from this very fine jujitsu form. Kamishin Ryu requires one to totally master the basic and advanced Kuzushi-waza (Off-Balancing Techniques) and how to divert and/or lead the attacker in such a manner that he will fall.

The use of Mudo-Mawashi (the art of causing one to become non-aggressive by circular movement) is a key technique to be totally mastered. Twenty-five percent of all Kamishin Ryu throwing techniques and hold-down arts are based upon this movement. Close body contact is replaced by paring and guiding the attackers aggressive movements away from you. Many techniques encompass hidden hands striking of vital points of the attackers body while smoothly performing the art. Five percent of our arts contain leg usage to carry impact to the attackers body and limbs. The remaining part of this art covers muscle and nerve pressure points designed to cause short duration pain to the attacker permitting the Kamishin Ryu Jujitsuan the advantage for off-balancing or hold-down control.

Ukemi (Breakfalls) are somewhat different from the norm for the jujitsuan is strictly on their own, in full flight, with no assistance given them by the individual performing the art. Because of this important aspect, great care must be taken by Kamishin Ryu jujitsuans during practice to avoid in-flight collisions between fellow airborne jujitsuans. Many of our takedowns and trhowing arts actually drive the attacker forcefully to the floor. Therefore speedy breakfall application by the individual being thrown is highly important.

In most of our arts, the attacker is driven face/head first into the floor. We therefore train ourselves to be able to roll our bodies just prior to impact to lessen the degree of impact sustained injury. Falling is not to be taken lightly, even by the most advanced Kamishin Ryu jujitsuan. Breakfall practice is a must for all jujitsuans prior to engaging in serious practice. In the Kamishin Ryu form, it is used to warm-up the body to avoid injury from strain and to permit free-flowing movements during practice.